9 TECHNOLOGY & MANUFACTURING ASSOCIATION provisions of PA 101-656. The Governor is expected to sign the legislation fairly quickly, as IDOL needs the changes to begin implementing the law. This new requirement applies to employers of 100 or more Illinois employees. PRE-JUDGEMENT INTEREST Governor Pritzker signed into law PA 102-6, a revised version of an earlier bill vetoed by the governor. The issue was jammed through the legislature by the Illinois Trial Lawyers. The new state law requires: • Prejudgment interest to accrue at the rate of 6% from the date an action is filed in personal injury or wrongful death cases, capped at five years. It does not apply to workers’ compensation claims. • If claimant’s counsel takes a voluntary dismissal to refile the action within a year, interest is tolled for that time; and punitive damages, sanctions, statutory attorney’s fees, and statutory costs are exempt. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban any law promoting right to work efforts in Illinois SJRCA 11 would add to the state’s Bill of Rights Article of the Illinois Constitution a ban on any effort to promote right to work legislation. It would prohibit any law -- state or local -- that interferes with, negates, or diminishes the employees’ efforts to organize and promote union efforts in their workplace. The amendment proposal will be on the state’s 2022 General Election ballot – requiring 60% of those voting on the amendment or a majority of those voting in the election to favor in order to add into the state constitution. ENERGY BILL A revamp of the state’s energy policy was not decided upon before this report went to press. TMA will report to its members in the next TMA News Bulletin and via email updates. TMA joined with 30 other business groups in a letter asking Governor Pritzker to veto the measure. For more info, contact Dennis LaComb at [email protected]