SeptOct 2019

9 TECHNOLOGY & MANUFACTURING ASSOCIATION and the trades to make people at least think about how imbalanced things are when it comes to China. Maybe the larger OEMs are thinking about bringing the work back here. If the prices are close to those coming from China, more and more are going to stay here and that will benefit our industry.” In light of those industry changes – along with the high cost of college degrees – the importance of manufacturing careers is beginning to rebound. With more awareness of things being made in America, more parents will encourage their kids to consider the trades, she surmised. “At least now U.S. schools have STEM and STEAM classes where making things is appreciated. That creates a little bridge to our world and is working to our industry’s advantage,” she said. “Young people like to feel like they’re part of something, and making a difference,” she said. “The plastics industry does make a difference. We make medical devices, filtration devices for clean water, and parts for cars that keep us safe. That’s good for all of us.” B A Die Mold is located at 3685 Prairie Lake Court in Aurora, Illinois. For more information, go to: Photo by Karen Forsythe Photography